Different Types of Engineering Managers

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A manager is a group or business leader who manages the business and runs its day to day operations. The managers can be responsible for running a whole department or as small as a team. All the managers have to have to plan the resources for the tasks assigned to the employees. The managers have to assign the tasks to all the employees, they have to make sure that people working under them are completing their tasks on time. The managers have to design a strategy to help the organization achieve the desired goals and also organize the business effectively. Managers delegate tasks to their employees because they can’t do everything by themselves.

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A business manager has to help his employees and serve them with the necessary resources, to ensure that they are satisfied.To become an effective manager you must organize the business properly. Managers who fail to organize a business are often labeled as poor business manager. There are different types of managers in a business and all the managers have to perform different duties. All the managers have to handle different responsibilities. Here are the three most common managers.

1) Line Managers

One of the most common types of managers is a line manager. Line managers are managers who are confined to the boundaries of their own department. These type of managers can only control their own department. They are only allowed to control their department and they have no authority to implement their orders or strategies in other departments of the business, for example, an HR manager is only entitled to handle the human resource department.

2) Functional Managers

Functional Managers are the most powerful managers in a company. They have the most authority and they can perform multiple roles in the business. They are authorized to advise people from all departments of the business and their advice has to be followed by all the employees. Their advice has to be followed, it is compulsory to follow their orders. All the employees have to follow their orders and advice.

3) Staff Manages

Staff Managers are authorized to influence people in all the departments of the business, however, their influence is just an advice and not an order. Their advice is not an order, and other departments may not follow their advice. It is up to the departments to follow the advice or not.


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